We're not like the others, we back up our promises with a Performance Guarantee

You've heard the real estate horror stories: The agent had no marketing plan in writing, stuck a sign in the ground, and was hardly ever heard from again. The house, poorly represented with cell phone pictures, sat on the market for a long contract term that the agent claimed to be "standard for the industry". There are little to no showings. The clients felt stuck, stressed, helpless, and underwhelmed.

We designed a 4 part Performance Guarantee to assure you that we don't simply list homes, we're committed to getting them SOLD!

Step 1 in Real Estate. Simplified.

Customized Success Plan

Through our years of experience, we’ve designed a Customized Success Plan encompassing the sales, digital marketing, and execution of the process for a smooth transaction. This entire plan is in writing. You will see how we’re not just reaching your neighborhood, but we are also reaching across the country, and the globe, to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Step 2 in Real Estate. Simplified.

Pro-Active Communication Agreement

No two clients are the same, so we adapt to your preferences. Whether you prefer a call, text, or email we provide feedback YOUR WAY after all showings and open houses.  Even if there are no showings, we use weekly “check-ins” to show you that selling your home is top on our mind. Our Strategic Operations Plan also includes Marketing Penetration updates at 7, 30, and, if needed, 60 days so you can measure the effectiveness of our marketing.

Step 3 in Real Estate. Simplified.

Easy Exit Contract

We’re so confident that you’ll be happy with our service that we utilize short-term contracts rather than forcing you to be “stuck” with us. If we don’t do as we promise, you can terminate at any time without penalty. Although we can’t control the market, we would much rather have you choose to extend if, for some reason, your home does not sell, rather than feel like you have no choice.

Step 4 in Real Estate. Simplified.

Commitment to Excellence

Our Customized Success Plan has the proven results you want. We understand that you want your house sold in the shortest amount time for the highest amount possible. Chris and Michelle are devoted, full time REALTORS® - not part time agents. We eat, sleep, and breathe real estate to benefit you with our expertise and dedication. Chris and Michelle have balanced, complementary, professional backgrounds and you benefit from both of us, not just one. Chris and Michelle are proud to call themselves REALTORS®, in which they pledge to uphold stringent, and enforceable tenants of the REALTOR® code of ethics in their professional dealings with the public. Not every real estate licensee holds a REALTOR® title and NOT all REALTORS® are created equal as we’ve pointed out above.

We're not like the others, our Clients ❤️ us and you will too.