Hands-down, the only Realtors I will work with.

Chris and Michelle are hard-working, honest, straight-forward and possess unmatched integrity. Over the years, I have come across, been contacted by and seen in action many real estate agents. At best, they were perhaps well-intentioned, but uneducated in their profession. At worst, they were incompetent, dishonest, lazy and showed a clear lack of knowledge in their field. I could go on, but I would rather address my experience with Chris and Michelle. I first met them when I had been burned by one of the above mentioned agents and had decided to put the house on the market myself. Chris and Michelle asked for an appointment to see the house. I agreed but was expecting the usual song and dance about how well they could market my house for me. Quite the opposite, they explained they were there to see the house for any potential clients, asked what I was doing to advertise the house, offered great suggestions – and then left. Wow! Over the next year, I would get an occasional email asking if I needed advice or if they could help in any way – never asking for the listing. I did receive an offer (from a real estate agent no less), that I agreed to accept (knowing the deal was shaky, but it was winter, what-the-heck). When the buyer started to drag me along and it was obvious they couldn’t get financing, I called Chris and Michelle saying “I’m done dealing with buyers, please come take this listing.” Chris and Michelle jumped into action right away with professional photos, videos and pertinent information about the area. One of the first open houses was a rainy day – Chris ran to the hardware store and bought a mat so people could wipe their feet. Really? No one does that kind of service anymore! It was a small gesture, but said a lot to me about their level of commitment and their willingness to go the extra mile (literally, to the store:)) Over time, they picked up a few other items for the house to take care of some minor issues. Chris and Michelle were never condescending and they were always straightforward in communications. I knew what was going on, what the traffic was for my listing and where the market was at every step of the way. When the house finally sold – thanks in large part to the efforts of Chris and Michelle, they were professionals down to the last minute. I have to say it pained me to see the buyers agent getting such a huge chunk of the proceeds for doing what I saw as a pretty poor job on their end – but, hey, life isn’t fair. I flat out don’t like real estate agents but I would recommend Chris and Michelle to ANYONE who is looking for honesty, integrity and hard work. 

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